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 over 30 years experience since 1989


SIT Contractor is to provide professional construction services designed to build lasting relationships. Our client’s needs and goals are paramount on every project. SIT Contractor commitment to the project extends beyond our contractual responsibilities to all phases of the project. Each project is completed on time through teamwork and coordination with all members of the construction project. SIT Contractor is a family owned General Contracting Firm comprised of a team of construction professionals dedicated to meeting the client’s needs. Whether it’s a large scale ground up building, a tenant fit-up, or a local project of any size, we pride ourselves on our quality and integrity. SIT Contractor serves clients throughout the United States, including a large concentration in the Midwest, East Coast and Southern States. At SIT Contractor, Inc., we specialize in repeat business and appreciate the value of a good working relationship built on trust and loyalty. We have a strong commitment to all projects entrusted to us.​


SIT Contractor Inc can provide a Design-Build team where the designer will work with clients to integrate the client’s ideas into the design. We will help clients decide what is best for them by providing options and ideas based on their needs. The Designer will ensure use of good quality materials and cost savings toward efficiency and innovation. In addition to designing, the Designer will be a part of the building process as the Project Manager which includes field supervision and quality control to ensure work is done according to plan. As one entity, the Design-Build team is accountable for cost, schedule and performance which overall decreases the administrative burden of clients, allowing clients to focus on the project rather than managing separate contracts.